“There’s a Magic to celebrities, you can’t learn it; it’s a gift from God. It’s the amazing ability to command a room when you walk in, and when you leave the energy leaves too.”

It’s been an amazing journey watching Adam Lambert’s success on American Idol, and it’s just the beginning. Simon Cowell called Adam “A Worldwide Star” and Paula Abdul called him “Iconic;” many of my colleagues and I agree! Thanks to the thoughtful and eloquent participants on Adam’s message board on AmericanIdol.com, I started a message thread called “Adam’s Star Power from an industry perspective” to discuss the entertainment industry and thoughts on the opportunities Adam will have. To my surprise the discussion has had over 2,500 messages and over 125,000 page views. Many people asked to continue the conversation and nymichael.com was created in that spirit; to provide a place for positive energy, encouragement and a look at Adam’s professional life and career.

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This website is dedicated to Adam Lambert, his family, friends and fans. Here’s to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and a new dawn, a new day and a new life… and to feeling good! Welcome and I hope you’ll join us!

Best, Michael