Adam Lambert’s Star Power from an industry perspective 60 Bonus Tracks, Digital Editions, Dance Track, SNL, Rob Cavallo, Helping Others October 11, 2009 at 5:02 pm


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Been around the world a few times since my last message but have been thinking of you all and excited about your messages and Adam’s tremendous progress!

I’m in the midst of conversations with RCA and others to help answer some of your questions, especially with respect to the different configurations of bonus tracks; as we’ve talked about, the music industry’s been changing so quickly that the traditional CD versus digital download revenue models are constantly being changed so history is not the best guide in this case. One announcement Apple made recently is that there will be “deluxe editions” on iTunes; the idea is to provide additional value with behind the scenes footage, cover art and other “value adds” that will enable record companies to charge more for their digital product. Whether Adam’s “Special Deluxe Edition” will be digital as well as traditional will be interesting to follow; but you can be sure that this project has the full and complete attention of Sony (RCA’s parent company) so I would expect amazing software and hardware opportunities.

From what I’m hearing, RCA is planning a hot dance track that will chart on Top 40 radio as Adam’s first single which will make it complementary with the 2012 track which is more in the Adult Contemporary category. Covering as many areas as possible is vital during the holidays since there is so much competition. I’ve heard he’s booked for Saturday Night Live, and recommend watching some of the Lady Gaga press track for clues on strategy (will he fight Madonna too? ;).

Adam has amazing collaborators; Rob Cavallo, who’s been working on Adam’s album, was just named Chief Creative Officer of the Warner Music Group. One of the most exciting parts of this journey is that Adam is such a unique and versatile artist that in addition to the primary focus of his debut CD, opportunities in television, film and other media are already on the radar and I’d expect to hear more about those around release time.

With respect to other 19 artists and the AI 8 family, it’s clear to see that the group is truly a family. I think it’s a tremendous testament to Adam’s artistic integrity that he’s doing so much to help other artists, and believing in karma I think he will be repaid in abundance. I also think that he is exceptionally smart, and at age 27 extremely knowledgeable about the entertainment industry and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is fully in control of his career and is dedicated and focused on his personal success. For Adam to look out for 16 year old Allison Iraheta is as admirable as the incredible $229,000 Adam’s fans raised for… there’s so much positive energy that I think this fall and winter will exceed all of our expectations. Go Adam!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday and Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in Canada tomorrow!

Best, Michael

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