Adam Lambert’s Star Power from an industry perspective 58 Paula leaving Idol, Nigel Lythgoe, Adam on stage, Idol tour review August 5, 2009 at 8:26 am


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Hope you’re having a great August, I always look forward to checking in. We’re planning a lot of events for the Fall on with more featured guests and some surprises.

Stunning news about Paula; it’s disappointing they couldn’t work it out but that’s the nature of the business. As we talked about last month, on the one hand, Paula genuinely has been an important part of eight years of the show and she’ll be missed. But on the other hand, American Idol is bigger than any individual (that’s evident from all the international versions of the show). Here’s Nigel Lythgoe’s take:

Now to the Tour: I agree with everyone’s comments about seeing Adam live; it really does go back to the first message that started the whole topic, “Adam’s Star Power from an industry perspective.” From an industry perspective, in some ways it’s not fair to compare Adam with the rest of the group because he has so much theatrical experience. As on the show, his presence is in another dimension; but I do pay tribute to Allison for really showing tremendous growth and range. They’re such a big difference between being 27 years old and 16 years old and while during the series Allison’s age became an old joke, she really is remarkably impressive. While I wasn’t crazy about “Hey Jude” as the final song (both because it didn’t showcase his voice, and the song is pretty overdone), I’ve always liked Kris and thought he had a strong set. His “groove” is smaller than Adam’s, but he makes the most of it with his unique interpretations, friendliness and likability. I’m looking forward to all three of their albums in the fall.

It was my first Idol tour performance, and it was basically what I expected; I would have enjoyed seeing more interaction between the finalists, more creativity on the scenic design and direction (while I wouldn’t expect them to go as far as Britney’s flying rigging, since everyone’s there to get close to the cast, having a runway into the audience or bringing them in from the back of the stadium at points would have been cool), and, since the show is so fan driven, more interaction with the audience (either bringing some fans up on stage, or at least showing some of the fan artwork — my vote would be for St. Adam’s Shrine & Grotto :).

Adam’s set was outstanding and hearing him those notes live was thrilling. I did think the set was a bit ambitious considering he had such a limited amount of stage time; specifically, because Adam is such a unique artist I’m not sure if devoting so much time to David Bowie was as effective building the arc as he did during the series. I would have liked to see a bit of controversy — a “Ring of Fire” element that would generate heat. I could more easily see the Bowie medley in a full Adam concert than in a 15 minute block. But that being said (and there are a lot of cooks in the Idol tour kitchen), I continue to be confident that with the right material, production team, and promotion, Adam will be a global force for many years to come. It was well worth the time to go see the performance; just as we said on the American Idol message board and here, it’s been truly exciting to witness the beginning of a new superstar. In concert, Adam continued to reinforce why he generates such electricity and passion. Go Adam!

Best, Michael

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