Adam Lambert’s Star Power from an industry perspective 53 EW Interview, Vision for the Album, Genres, International Appeal, 19 May 28, 2009 at 10:05 am


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Here’s an outstanding and thoughtful interview with Adam you really need to see. Idolatry EW Interview (direct to interview and it will automatically load each part): In part 4 (it will keep loading automatically) Adam talks about his vision for his album and it basically follows the blog posts and your messages…

Adam’s had preliminary meetings with the label and that they’ve been very positive and creative, they’re discussing producers they want to work with and the type of album: Rock, Pop, Electronic, Fusion with ups and downs, emotional ballads, fun tracks, etc… and with international appeal. Adam is looking at it from the business/industry perspective as he has all along, and points out (as we’ve discussed) that because unlike breaking a new Artist, because of the AI exposure he’s able to present many different styles and genres (for example, individual singles can be created for specific markets).

He also mentions 19, which came up a lot during the season and is in our messages and the blog. Adam mentions the “misconception” about 19… the talk here and there that “they own Idols”… he rightfully points out it’s good to have people that are invested in you as an Artist, especially in the current environment, so material doesn’t get “shelved.” He mentions everyone involved in onboard and supportive.

Excellent interview and more great progress for Adam!

Best, Michael

This follow-up post is from May 29, 2009 at 5:36 pm:

Re Adam and segmentation (the questions about multiple types of genres on his CD), I posted in the blog about this a while back (two examples: While it’s much harder to “break” a new Artist with a multiple genre CD because it’s easier to be categorized, getting to the finale of American Idol shatters that because Adam has established so much awareness and visibility that I think we’ll all agree he won’t get “lost” in the shuffle. The other is with the advent of iTunes, now it’s much easier to have multiple genres because people can opt for what they’re interested in… in the blog I discuss how there’s an upside and a downside to that).

Adam discussed these issues eloquently (it begins around 4:30) in the EW video interview (I think it’s Part 4 which is at this link:

Here’s the whole interview:

I read some people were having trouble finding/loading part 5, it’s at

More to follow. Best, Michael

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