Adam Lambert’s Star Power from an industry perspective 52 Great press, Debut CD, AT&T Voting, First and second tracks May 27, 2009 at 2:10 pm


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There are three big tracks happening right now. The first is the great press tour Adam is on, he’s really been outstanding with the press, hasn’t he? His experience really shows and stands out, he looks and sounds great! Everyone involved must be really pleased; things are moving right along.

The second is his future track and as you’re reading, he’s hoping to have many of his own compositions on his debut CD. This is really important because songwriters are the ones who receive royalties from radio play and publishing. If you search the Blog you’ll see posts about the royalty breakdowns and some recent action being taken to try to give Artists a share. Adam is handling this perfectly and he’s already written many songs as you’ve heard; being the writer/publisher is often more lucrative than being the Artist (ask Diane Warren or Burt Bacharach).

The third is this whole AT&T mess with the voting. There are two sides to this. On the one hand, it’s a lot of press for Adam and as long as he doesn’t comment it will just be to his benefit. On the other hand, Adam’s taken the lead and said let’s move forward; this does present a distraction but clearly people feel strongly and with so much time and energy invested in voting have every right to ask for clarification. I tried on the AI board to do that with VOIP based services like Gizmo and zBuzzer, and asked about the multiple text voting. The moderators are independent contractors, they aren’t responsible nor can they speak for FOX or AI so there’s no fault there, but it was irritating to have conflicting information on the day of voting that was never, to my understanding, clarified.

Because of how this was handled (or not), you’re seeing a classic “media snowball.” The best I can recall was this started the night of the 20th after Kris won; the FOX affiliate in Arkansas reported that 38 million (in the story) or 30 million (in the caption) votes were from AK based on an AT&T statement. The station issued a correction and now has removed the original information: Most damage control PR firms will advise clients to get out front and be clear, but in this case it didn’t happen and it’s unclear why. AI voting is all run through AT&T, but audited by the company Telescope ( handle voting for many TV shows, including MTV’s VMA’s. It will be interesting to see if and when Telescope comments.

I’ve pointed out this LA Times article before with Cecile Frot-Coutaz - “Speaking at length about the voting system, Frot-Coutaz ran through how the process works. “It’s not mysterious really. Where do I start?” she sighs. She explains that the toll-free numbers are managed by AT&T, which has agreements with the local exchanges that put the calls through. Another company, Telescope, tabulates the raw data, analyzes them by area code and turns them into results. She continues, “But if at any point anything looks different or that we may have questions about, we have the ability to go back to AT&T and to the labs and say, ‘We’d like to see all the minute-by-minute data on area code, whatever, 201.’ And they can dig into the data and sort of give us that level of detail.” Asked what would draw her attention, she explains, “Occasionally we’ve had situations where two people at the bottom were very close, so, when that happens you want to go back and just make sure all the phone lines work properly everywhere so that you know, the result is the results. It’s more about evaluating the results than anything else. You just want to make sure.”

It is unusual that FOX itself is now reporting the story:… for all we know this could be a PR stunt and before the end of the week AT&T and Telescope will release numbers. I guess I’d just point out that the producers have many months to discuss and determine changes to voting… so while I think it’s important to find out what happened, it’s not going to have an immediate impact.

It’s much more interesting to watch how beautifully Adam is doing with the first and second track!

Hollywood Reporter carried a Billboard piece with the execs:

Interview from Broadcasting & Cable with Fremantle’s Cecile Frot-Coutaz, lots of AI background including sponsorship renewals, why AI isn’t steamed, and the show’s 9th season:

On tracks one and two, here are two Adam interviews:

More Rolling Stone (soon there will be an Adam desk): “I want to help people escape and just dance and have a great time and party and love each other, and I want to be able to raise awareness on a couple of things. You know, soapbox about it. Maybe pushing peoples buttons for a little bit. Always with a little wink at the audience with a little camp. With a little seriousness in it, but I don’t want to take myself too seriously. I want to upset people, I want to make people think, I want to keep people interested.”

TV Guide Channel and pink elephants:

Overall, it’s amazing to see Adam making such great strides and congratulations to Adam for his excellence and how wonderful he’s been with the fans!

Best, Michael

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  1. Adam is really taking the whole country by storm. He’s been on the GOOGLE news main page for so many days. I think by now, he is a household name already. He’s on two magazine covers already….yet he hasn’t even released an album. This is the power of Adam Lambert.

    Nice blog, btw.

  2. Hi Michael - As always, interesting reading & I so agree that Adam is showing he is very skillful in handling the press and doesn’t seem to let them pressure him into saying anything he doesn’t want to, which shows a lot of self confidence & poise.

    I am one of those Adam fans frustrated with the voting fiasco this year and wondering if we’ll ever get a straight answer. How could a state of less than 3 million people POSSIBLY record 38,000,000 votes without some serious and not permitted power voting going on? That would mean every man, woman and child in Arkansas logged in at least 12 votes; and every one of them was for Kris?? Just not making sense to me. And I also didn’t get any confirmation for my 2,300 text votes for Adam that I spent 4 hours dialing, which was highly irritating and left me skeptical.

    I suppose wouldn’t be so suspicious if the show was on a different network, but FOX is so notoriously anti-gay that I’d really like some independent investigation done to ensure that all was fair; this would appease me & everyone else who failed to get their votes confirmed.

    Anyways - Adam is doing great, moving forward in a positive way and we’ve all enjoyed watching the true and caring friendship he and Kris have obviously developed. Looking forward to the tour & I get to see Adam perform in his home town of San Diego, so that will be most awesome!

    Take care, Michael!

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