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A few points and more to follow. Regarding iTunes, what appears on the homepage is heavily negotiated and in huge demand. Chances are the AI/iTunes deal only had certain real estate through a certain period, so it’s not anything negative about Adam; it’s just that the deal is winding up.

Regarding Queen (they’re certainly getting a lot of US PR from Adam, aren’t they?), Paul Rodgers originally just signed on with Queen to do a few dates and it turned into something bigger… they called it “Queen + Paul Rodgers” because no one will ever replace Freddie Mercury. So there is a precedent; I think that if Adam did a few performances with them it would be interesting from a PR/marketing perspective. (You may remember from my blog Brian, Freddie, Roger and John were surprise guests at my 21st birthday party in London… so I admit my bias, I think the world of them.)

But the Queen story shouldn’t distract from what Adam’s been saying and what is surely the plan, and that’s to have a solo album out as quickly as possible. (The AP just reported his comments reiterating this at×9TwD98E8RFG0: “…the 27-year-old California native said Tuesday that he’d feel torn about joining the band. “That’s a tough question because, honestly, how do you say no to being in Queen?” said Lambert, sporting his trademark dark nail polish and blue-streaked hair. “I mean, that’s unbelievable. But at the same time, I do have my own thing to do right now, and that’s my goal. So if I could, I would try to do both. That’s the honest question. I would try to do both. I would love to perform with them anytime they wanted me to but I also have my record to do. So, we’ll see.” (More in the Media thread.)

It’s crazy over there with all the offers and for Adam it must be exciting and numbing… this is a good problem! 19 Entertainment, as the management company, will be fielding offers and working on career strategy (as well as merchandising and licensing), and will coordinate with Sony on the album. Since it’s likely Simon Cowell’s Syco originally obtained the recording rights, then granted them to Sony, he’ll have as much influence as he’d like and he’s made it clear he’s interested in making his “worldwide star” prediction come true.

Regarding Simon and AI (here’s one of the major differences with the previous website, I can provide more detail, though I want to stress that this information is obtainable so I’m not breaking any confidentiality agreements) here’s how the agreement reads regarding Simon and 19:

“2.11 If Simon Cowell performs his services as a judge in American Idol 8, 19 hereby grants to Syco an exclusive irrevocable option to acquire American Idol Record Rights for American Idol 8 and to require 19 to appoint a Nominated Label to be the US Licensee in relation to American Idol 8. Syco shall have the right to exercise Syco’s option by written notice to 19 at any time prior to the date thirty (30) days after the first programme of American Idol 8 is transmitted in USA.

2.12 Subject: to clause 2.21 below, if Syco has exercised its option pursuant to clause 2.11 above, 19 agrees to enter into an agreement in the form of the USA Licence with a Nominated Label for the Winning Artist of American Idol 8. 19 agrees to execute and Syco and Sony BMG agree to procure that the Nominated Label will execute such USA Licence promptly following the final episode of American Idol 8.

2.13 Subject to clause 2.21 below, if Syco has exercised its option pursuant to clause 2.11 above, 19 agrees to enter into an agreement in the form of the USA Licence with a Nominated Label for any or all of the Finalists of American Idol 8 other than the Winning Artist. The Procedure for selection of the Nominated Label, the identity of the Finalist and the execution of the relevant USA Licence shall be as set out in clause 2.19 below.

Definition: “the First Stage Television Programmes” shall mean those programmes in each Idol Series commencing with the first programme in the Series and ending with the programme immediately preceding the programme in which the public start voting for the eviction/continued participation of the Finalists.”

So that’s how it works, and that’s why Adam and Kris’ websites were ready to go; if Syco wanted to exercise its option, it needed to happen within 30 days as noted above.

By the way, I’m not sure what/why the press is reporting on Simon’s continuing participation as his deal is for a term expiring on 31st December 2010. Syco has basically the same rights for AI9 as above, so for that and some other reasons it would be stunning if he didn’t participate (the deals are very complicated so anything is possible but highly unlikely).

Your messages have been as thoughtful and articulate as I’d imagined and I’ve invited some of my colleagues to participate; it’s remarkable to see everyone’s passion and it’s a great testament and tribute to Adam’s Star Power!

Best, Michael

PS: As you’ve seen, Tonia & company have been working on the site (from having a print/view button on all the blogs so you can see them with black text/white background, to increasing the avatar size, to increasing the number of posts you’ll see per page). It’s great to have your feedback, this site is intended to be customized to fit everyone’s thoughts and support Adam. We’re working on having the ability to embed YouTube videos, and we’re thinking about the photo thread (we all want to be respectful of copyright and trademark issues) so please stay tuned. One other note… if you use Firefox (vs. Explorer), you can right click in the message you’re writing and it will spell check (Firefox has a built in spell checker). I use Firefox to post; I write the message, then copy and email it so I have a copy, then I post.

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  1. Wow. I am so impressed by this site. I am also very grateful. So much information! So many links to explore! This is input heaven. I’m loving it.
    I notice you are considering (and making) changes based on user’s suggestions. I know for sure that if there was a way to live chat (such as is/was available on the Krisnation (sp?) site that there would be no stopping the flood of Adam fans. However, realistically, that type of program would probably be costly time and money-wise. However I mention it here because I know there’s a demand for it among Adam enthusiasts.
    Again I want to thank you Michael as well as your staff for this great site.

  2. Michael: I have always loved your blogs. It is refreshing to get someone’s point of view that has an inside track to the entertainment industry. I have joined this site now because I find it most informative. Thankyou in helping me understand Adam’s journey to star status.

  3. With everybody talking and commenting on American Idol season 8, I am surprised NOT to see a single thing from Simon Cowell. Is he simply avoiding talking to press, or not allowed to comment? I thought he would be in full gear to promote sell both Kris’ and Adam’s record by now. Why not?

  4. I really do love this site… so informative. Thank you.

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