Adam Lambert’s Star Power from an industry perspective 43 ADAM’S STAR POWER Poll Results with your amazing comments! May 9, 2009 at 7:01 pm


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Amazing results from Adam Lambert’s Star Power Poll! With great thanks to the 100 people who participated in Adam’s Star Power poll, here are your results! While of course they aren’t scientific, I think they provide a fascinating snapshot and hope you will too. Adam is blessed to have such wonderful, knowledgeable fans.

Best, Michael


Summary Data as of May 9, 2009 12:31am

Of the 100 people who participated in the poll, the number of respondents follows each question, so they are both numbers of respondents and percentages:

1. Have you bought any of Adam’s songs on iTunes? Do you have favorites?
Some – 7%
Most – 4%
All – 71%
Haven’t bought yet – 18%
(Most people chose as favorites Mad World and Ring of Fire)

2. Which are your favorite 2-3 songs Adam has performed live on the show?

Mad World - 67
Ring of Fire – 45
Feeling Good - 32
Born To Be Wild - 29
Black and White - 30
If I Can’t Have You - 12
Tracks of My Tears – 15
Play that Funky Music - 10
Satisfaction - 6
Whole Lotta Love – 13
Slow Ride - 5

3. How many CD’s (or 10 solo tracks) as CD’s or electronically have you purchased in the last year?
a) 1-3 – 29%
b) 4-7 – 21%
c) 7+ - 45%
d) none – 5%

4. With respect to Adam, how likely would you be to buy his CD?
a) Definitely – 99%
b) Probably -1%
c) Would need to hear what’s on it
d) Probably not
e) Definitely not
f) Don’t know

5. What style of Adam’s singing would you most likely buy a CD of?
a) Rock - 6
b) Pop - 4
c) AC (Adult Contemporary)
d) Standards/Classics
e) I’d like a compilation of many styles - 31
f) I’d buy anything Adam - 75
(11 people voted for e & f so the total is greater than 100)

6. What percentage of your friends/family/colleagues would you say are familiar with Adam?
a) 0-25% - 15%
b) 26-50% - 15%
c) 51-75% - 18%
d) 76-90% - 19%
e) 91-100% - 33%

7. Of those people, how many of those people do you think would consider Adam a “favorite” of theirs (compared to other musical Artists)?
a) 0-25% - 21%
b) 26-50% - 15%
c) 51-75% - 21%
d) 76-90% - 13%
e) 91-100% - 27%
No answer – 3%

8. What’s your age and gender
a) prefer not to say/no answer – 5%
b) female under 21 – 14%
c) female under 29 – 9%
d) female under 39 – 14%
e) female under 49 – 22%
f) female over 49 – 33%
b) male under 21
c) male under 29 – 2%
g) male under 39 – 1%
h) male under 49
g) male over 49

9. How much non work-related time do you spend online each week?
a) 1-3 hours – 3%
b) 4-8 hours – 6%
c) 8-14 hours (1-2 hrs/day but doesn’t have to be daily) – 19%
d) 14+ hours (2 hrs/day but doesn’t have to be daily) – 18%
e) 21+ hours (3 hrs/day but doesn’t have to be daily) – 16%
f) 28+ hours (4 hrs/day but doesn’t have to be daily) – 22%
g) More – 16%
(After seeing Adam many people increased the time they spent online!)

10. Do you belong to any Artist’s online fan clubs (besides the American Idol official website)? If you don’t mind mentioning, which ones?

73% do not belong to any Artist’s online fan club
3% mentioned they belong to Glamberts, Adam Lambert fan club
24% belong to online fan clubs including the following:

David Cook, Az Yet, Black Tide, Transiberian Orchestra, David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Clay Aiken, Jason Castro, The Lamb Shanks, David Archuleta, Queensryche’s, AFI, The Despair Faction, Paul McCartney, Elvis, George Michael, Prince, Rick Springfield, Motley Crue, Rockstar Supernova, Bo Bice, Daughtry, 30 Seconds To Mars, INXS, Kalan Porter, Sting

11. Have you looked at other Artist’s online fan clubs? Which one do you like the most and least?
11% did not answer this question
70% answered No (Many respondents commented that Adam created a first-ever fan and online interest/passion for them)
18% looked at other Artists’ fan clubs and here are some comments:

I’m not real fond of how David Cook’s website is set up in the message board — we, as his fans, crashed the total RCA server multiple times as well due to they underestimated his appeal! :)
Huge fan of Muse
Mars Volta has a very well-organized and effective fan club
Rick Springfield’s site is where I “lived” prior to Adam’s boards
Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams — They keep you up on new releases and concert schedules.

12. What are the most important things you’d look for in an online fan club? (You can rank them in order or add your own)

a) Member’s kit (with photo), sent in the mail
b) VIP tickets (pre sale)
c) Exclusive/unavailable recordings
d) Online chats with the Artist (like Adam)
e) Social networking (message boards, member-to-member chat)
f) Backstage/inside news
g) Merchandising and member discounts on products
h) Other (please mention)

Ranked by number of people who made selection (their first 3 choices so the total is above 100)

d) Online chats with the Artist (like Adam) - 44
b) VIP tickets (pre sale) - 44
c) Exclusive/unavailable recordings - 34
e) Social networking (message boards, member-to-member chat)
f) Backstage/inside news - 32
a) Member’s kit (with photo), sent in the mail - 15

People who said all - 13
People who didn’t answer – 9

h) - Some suggestions:

- Online diary

- Weekly “confessionals” similar to what Adam has been participating in for American Idol. It’s wonderful to get real, true input into what they are thinking, going through, answering various questions from the fans, etc. Makes us fans feel more invested in the artist, resulting in more commitment and longevity for the artist in the long run. One of the main reasons Obama is president is because of the emails, etc that he sent out constantly throughout his campaign, answering questions and keeping “connected”. I feel that artists should be doing the same, to keep the lines of communication open to their fans. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to make the fans feel part of the whole experience.

- I’d like to keep my Glambert # — hope that continues after AI is over! Would be great to have an on-line chat with Adam (in person chat would be even nicer, er, guess that is out of the question, but we can dream, can’t we?)

13. What are your favorite things about Adam? What makes him different and unique (or not) to you?
2% did not answer this question.
98% answered with selected comments below:

- Favorite definitely… what makes him unique and different are all mixed together - he knows who he is as an Artist and is not afraid to express it and remain true to himself.  I love the use of his high register, it’s something I haven’t heard from anyone in years, outside of the few that have been around a long time. I also like how he uses his lower register — it’s just as strong as his high register. He moves extremely well on stage and really draws you into him. He’s like a master story teller who woos you into his story and he takes you through the ups and downs and turns and twists of his songs, but never quite finishes it so he leaves you wanting more — that’s extremely unique, in my opinion.

- Favorites: voice, unabashed sexiness, willingness to go all out, guts

- I love everything about Adam. His vocals are superb and unique, his inner artist absolutely shines, his vulnerability makes me ache, his quiet confidence is inspiring, his generous spirit makes you want to be more like him, his magnetism, his ability to get to the heart of a song and connect to each and every heart, his pants collection…

- Insanely talented, daring, versatile, unpredictable, have the feeling there’s still so much we haven’t even seen, excitement/it factor.

-  I love that he’s not afraid to be himself. That is a quality that a lot of people lack.  He’s not ashamed of himself, he’s humble, he puts a lot of thought into his work, he likes to be over the top at times, he’s a risk taker, he seems like a genuinely nice guy, there are just soo many things that I love about him.

- He can sing any genre and has the most amazing range.  Love his so called “scream”, music to my ears.  Also, it seems he really gets into the song, like when an actor becomes the character he’s playing and it’s no longer acting. He is extremely hot and has fashion model looks. His eyes draw you in and swallow you up. He is fashion conscious. Adam is tall, dark, and handsome, every woman’s (or man’s) dream. His voice, mannerisms, facial expressions remind you of so many great artist…it’s like Adam swallowed them up in learning music, theater and listening to the albums that his DJ dad had around the house waiting for Adam to discover.

- TALENT, Charisma, Humility and concern for others, smokin’ hot looks and sex appeal.

- Favorite - Unique, comfortable in his skin, caring and passionate, mad talented, fabulous style, surprises me, engaging, cares about fans and entertaining his fans, down to earth, seems to have a purpose and a message, inspires me, brings back memories from 80’s rock bands that many of us want back, role model for how to take critiques and incorporate them into performances, fearless, introspective, I could go on and on…

- My favorite thing is the same thing that makes him so unique: there is an almost visceral shock to my system every time he performs. He almost seems to become the emotion he is portraying, and it is deeply affecting, sometimes in an exciting way, sometimes in an unsettling way. This is what great music is supposed to do, and he is a master.

- Looks, personality, vocal range, everything. He’s just so amazing. Even his walk.

- He’s the most vocally talented man I’ve ever heard.  He’s an amazing, sexy, limber dancer.  He’s drop-dead gorgeous.  He’s humble and sweet.  He is absolutely unforgettable.

- Favorite - He is unapologetically himself. Oh yeah, and the amazing voice, enunciation when singing, articulation/grammar when answering questions. There is nothing not to like.

- I love everything about him! What really makes him different is his ability to make a show out of a 1:30 min song, his amazing sense of style, his beautiful voice, his humility, and that from the start he was true to his personality and his background.

- Favorites:  He has unbelievable talent and incredible showmanship, he’s gorgeous, all indications are that he’s a humble, kind and generous person, he’s confident without being arrogant, he’s very bright and articulate, he’s willing to take risks, he gives 100% to every performance, and he’s never afraid to be himself.

- Different and unique: He can sing anything, his vocal range is outstanding, the quality of his voice is unique and beautiful, he has the ability to take any song and change it so that it becomes his own, he’s a chameleon on stage, he’s the most exciting performer I’ve seen in a long time, and he has star quality in bucketfuls! (And all of these are “favorite” things as well!)

- I like his willingness to take risks and break out of the cookie cutter mold and his incredible voice and stage presence. He is an all around entertainer.

- First and foremost, his voice.  I absolutely love it, which is strange because I usually like deeper voices (for men and women).  Second, he is incredibly articulate and intelligent, and I love listening to him talk.  When he talks about being a role model for the “different” kids, it really melts my heart.  I was that strange kid (I’m Goth…I’ve been this way since I was 13…no Mom, it’s not a phase) and I never had any mainstream role models.  I think of him as an ambassador for people who are different.  I think he shows that you can’t judge a book by its cover and that “strange looking” people can be incredibly well mannered, intelligent, and beneficial to society (if that makes sense).  This is the way I try to live my life.  I’m uber goth, I wear a lot of black, I have tattoos BUT I go out of my way to be courteous and polite and show people that alternative people are not cretins who are a drain on society (I’m exaggerating here, I know most people probably don’t feel that way).  By the way, I’m a lawyer and a mom….I love surprising people. ;)  I don’t have a least favorite thing about Adam although it’d probably be more healthy if I did.  As I told my coworkers: “I have completely lost the ability to be at all objective about this boy.”  He’s amazing to me.

- His voice, his looks, his fearlessness, creativity, how he so intelligently approaches every song and performance. He thinks about every single aspect of what he’s doing from every perspective. He’s VERY, VERY smart. And, what he does to a song…..OMG!!!!

- Fave things about Adam, that is like so hard cause I like everything about him… the compilation is what makes him who he is, his voice, personality, looks, style etc.

- What I like best is his voice. He’s a very unique performer, a combination of incredible vocal ability, creativity, intensity and really good looks.

- He’s just…he embodies what an entertainer should be. Not only can he sing, but he performs and shakes things up…he makes me smile every time he gets on stage.

- Trained vocals, performance & theatricality, connection to lyrics, polite, humble and generous, pretty much everything about Adam is wonderful.

- His hair (goth/emo style, not elvis), his outfit (especially ROF), and most definitely… HIS VOICE. Especially when it goes up high.

-  His voice, confidence, courage, charisma, humility, intelligence, playfulness, humor, good looks. He’s unique because he has all of these qualities.

- Wow, so many good things about Adam….his voice is my favorite attribute, followed by his expressive/over the top performances.  His uniqueness stems from his ability to bring a sense of excitement and energy (electricity, really) to his performances. I feel electrified just watching (and listening) to him.

- His voice/range - incredible; his striking features; his glowing personality; his boldness; his humble approach to extol; etc, etc.

-  The Voice, the performance ability and ease with which he can do so many different genres well, his great attitude when not performing and willingness to listen and assimilate constructive critiques, I truly feel like the sky is the limit for him because he is always striving to get better and isn’t afraid to take risks and challenge himself.

- The way he stands out from the norm, my norms especially since I never thought I would enjoy listening an artist like him.

- Favorite: He sings great. You never know what he’ll do next, but you know it’s gonna be exciting and fun to watch and he’s hot!!!!! Love his hair, his face, love how he’s modest and kind toward others and he’s hot as he**!

- His unique voice and range - he can sing any style and blow it out of the water. Also love his personality.

- I like everything about Adam… his voice makes him unique and how he keeps you wondering from week to week what he is going to do next. His style, his looks, his performing makes him unique and on top of all that he is really nice! :)

- His voice has me hooked, but it is everything about him. He is as exciting an artist as I’ve seen in a long time. I also like that he seems a genuinely nice person and fun loving as well.

- What made me notice him is his amazing voice.  What made him my favorite is his style/personality.  He’s different, he makes you look at him when he’s on stage.  He’s very confident on stage and yet seems very nice and humble when he’s not performing.

- In no particular order, because they’re all integral: Vocal ability, performance skills, X-factor, poise, and personality (kind, funny, humble, sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, etc)

-  My favorite things about Adam are his incredible voice and ability to sing anything, and the fact that he stays true to himself as an artist. He’s unique because he isn’t afraid to explore the limits of his vocal prowess, his in-depth knowledge of music, and the way he is unafraid to mix genres.

- 1) The “IT” factor.  2) His humbleness, politeness, honesty, and tact.  It shows good character.  3)  His having the “GUTS” to go for Idol with full knowledge of all it entails, and his ability to always remain true to himself.  I love when he said “I have nothing to hide”….he is “owning” himself.  I am so proud of him! That, in itself, is inspiring!  4) He is the ENTIRE PACKAGE…astounding talent and stage presence, his ability to emote in his performing, it tells the “story” of the words so beautifully, his smokin hot hot good looks, his charisma, his smoldering or laughing blue eyes…STOP!!!!!!!

- He can SING and he can perform!!!!  He is just an incredible talent and I don’t care what he looks like (but, he does have IT in the looks department).  He’s just different - I like the throw back he has to early rock, but he’s current.  My kids 8 and 10 think he’s the bomb!  They are mesmerized when he performs - he’s more than just a great singer, he’s an entertainer.

- Anything & everything! I love that he truly is himself and doesn’t compromise that for anything and is comfortable with who he is completely. I also really enjoy that he’s a true ‘performer’ on stage, his unique voice, that he really connects emotionally with all of the songs he sings, that little bit of vulnerability/shyness you can feel from him when he’s not performing, his unpredictability with his performances, that he’s different & embraces that, he’s so obviously humble & grateful for everything he’s achieved, that he really seems to want to win Idol, his looks & style - need I go on??

- Faves:  Amazing voice and vocal range, showmanship, smoldering charisma, the fact that he walks on stage and I don’t notice anyone, but him, that he’s personable, intelligent and fun. Gives credit where credit is do. Confident, yet humble and bemused.

- My favorite thing about Adam is his individuality and unique-ness.  He is consistently true to himself, no matter what.  Adam is also very articulate and thoughtful when speaking in interviews.

- I love everything about Adam; How he looks, how he sings, how he performs, the lighting he chooses, and many more little things, make Adam unique.

- His dedication and devotion to himself and his art. That he is humble.

- He clearly has a taste and sophistication level that puts him in a league of his own- in comparison not only to the other AI contestants, but to the current pop music scene in general.

-  Favorite things: his voice, his looks, his charisma, the emotions he can put into his music, his love of music and performing that is so apparent when he is performing, his gentleness, his vulnerability. I think he is amazingly talented and will go down in history as being one of the greatest talents the world has seen!!!

-  My favorite thing about him is….how he really has gotten me to LISTEN to lyrics more.  He is so original.  To be able to touch so many ranges of fans….just does not happen everyday.

- FAV: Voice, singing ability, personality, graciousness; the difference with Adam is how much his singing and song interpretations touch people in a way that no one has truly done in a long time. Adam has a unique way of bringing us back to carefree times in our lives while at the same time taking us forward with a feeling of hope and inspiration for everything that can be.

- Adam stretched me out of my comfort zone with music from different genres.

- His incredibly skilled vocals, his performances, his sheer passion and huge presence in every single moment on stage.  Style and looks are all beautiful, wonderful, alluring sexual energy.  Artists like this do NOT come around very often.  He appeals to a global music community and he is moving pure musical energy from a very creatively empowered place. It is deeply moving and exciting to me.

- Favorite thing about Adam: His vocal ability and interpretations, his “inside” beauty, his artistic commitment and his physical beauty and style. What makes Adam different and unique to me? Vocal ability, style, self assurance.

- I love his look, the tone of his voice, his vocal ability, his ability to entertain, his confidence, he’s humble, he’s grateful, he’s driven, oh dear I could go on and on, but those are some of my favorites.  He’s the whole package there is something about him that just draws me to him, I can’t explain it but not many artists have ever done this to me.

- IMO, it is the combination of the qualities he possesses in addition to his phenomenal talent that is unique.  He is complex and interesting.  He can convey fierceness and sensitivity almost simultaneously.   He is mega-talent, brilliance and creativity.  He is honest and open, yet excitingly mysterious.  Can’t seem to quit watching him, listening to him, and learning more about him.  Something like the Elvis or Beatle phenomenon?

- Favorite: Vocal talent, the joy he gets & shares with us from singing, so friendly & personable, of course, that “IT” factor, and so much charisma it’s hard to believe. He is unique because no matter what song he’s singing, you just know it’s Adam. He also “creates” each performance stylistically, with his choice of attire, lighting, etc

- Knowing that he has all this potential, knowing he can surprise you, he won’t play all his cards at once. He will be versatile, and will put on a great show, and his singing voice will be excellent live and recorded. I love his overall look, and he appeals to all ages of men and women, most of all I like his unleashed pent up energy, that comes out on stage. His genuineness and directness, and originality, he has all the assets needed to be an international star, and he has the drive to succeed.

- Hands down, my favorite thing about Adam is his seemingly lack of arrogance. With a voice like that, and looks like he does, it is SO nice to see that, basically he is everyone’s idea of the perfect friend/mate,etc., who LOVES to put on a show and entertain. He has charisma that you just can’t buy or manufacture. I’m 51, a bit too young to have been caught up in the Elvis craze, BUT now I totally understand what all the frenzy was about. I’ve been a HUGE music fan all my life, have attended almost every concert that came through Vancouver, when I used to live there, and have NEVER seen SO many people nuts about an upcoming artist as they are about Adam.

- Too many favorites. Uniqueness was demonstrated tonite - he growls and scowls and glares and then is the boy next door (well, kind of) when chatting with Ryan and the judges and hugging Allison. He can be intense - and then becomes - just a sweetheart. We know him. He’s real to us.

- Favorite thing: Sexy bad-boy outside and boy-next-door sweetheart inside, love the smile! What makes him unique is the pure physiological response I get when I see or hear him. I can’t explain it!!

- I love EVERYTHING about this boy. He has the ability to melt me into a “pool of my own tears”

- Amazing voice and stage presence; range of performance persona keeps fans guessing and wanting more; warmth, wit and humor of real Adam in interviews, etc.  He seems like a genuine nice guy.

- Adam=love. He’s purr-fect.

- Favorite things:-his vocal talent, his look, his fearlessness, his warmth/personality/intelligence

- His vocal range and confidence in who he wants to project.  I enjoy the slow ballads, the sultry Ring of Fire, the screaming Crawl Thru Fire and the incomparable Mad World

-  I don’t dance and he makes me want to because he makes me soooo happy… His songs send chills down my spine and still make me say wow, even though I have listened to each of them a hundred times

- I don’t think there is one thing about Adam that I do not like. I love to hear his perfect pitch voice. I love it when he goes for the high notes. I like his image. It’s kinda a mix between bad boy, naughty boy, sexy boy. He makes me think things that bring a smile to my face. I love to see what he is going to wear next or how he is going to wear his hair. I personally like him best in black leather and guyliner. It just does things for me. The most important thing is, he seems to be real. It’s like what you see is what you get, and with Adam you get a whole heck of a lot of charisma, charm, sexiness, teasing, incredible vocals incased in a really nice guy.

- There’s something about him that’s indescribable.  He obviously loves to perform and his enthusiasm and love of music spills over to the audience.  Adam seems to take on a different persona that is appropriate to the genre/mood of the song he is singing.  He has an intensity while performing that is striking, and I noticed this little boy grin he always flashes after he has finished singing a song that just endears him to me.  He seems to be an all-around nice guy in all the interviews I’ve seen, and he has a very supportive family.

- He is the most generous, honest, humble, and gracious person and those are rare qualities these days.  He inspires people; He gives them hope.  He really is the whole package - The Performer, The Entertainer, and The Talent.  He brings back the glory days of Rock that the music industry has been sorely missing for many years.

- Ability to express the emotion of the lyrics thru music and body movement/performance; pure taste; human qualities (honesty, modesty, humility, attention to others, attention to detail, perfectionism all around)

- Favorite - self confidence and acceptance of his gift, developing and mastering it not only to better himself but to share it to the world. Great painter of songs

- Least Favorite - He seduces me to skip some important deadlines, makes me wake up at 4 AM and re-watch his video, making me skip reading e-mails and go straight to the forum…

- Favorites are his voice range, interpretations and arrangements of songs, live performances & generally…showmanship that he demonstrates on stage.

- Favorites about Adam - He is true to himself and genuinely cares for other people.  He has awakened my love for music through his own passion for music.  He brings the emotions the songwriters try to convey to life.  His unique vocal talent coupled with his artistry and passion for entertaining is intoxicating!  He is fearless!

- His amazing talent is what drew me in. But, it’s become more than that. He is so secure (or comes off that way on stage) with himself and what he does. He causes you to emotionally connect with him. It seems so raw and real. His uniqueness to me comes from the sense I get that he genuinely appreciates those who are fans of his, and even though he is doing this for himself and because it’s what he wants and loves to do, he doesn’t seem to forget about the fans, and makes it about them too. That’s a lot different from the vibes you get from some artists these days.

- Adam is a kind of entertainer that has been absent from the music scene for a while.  Something I used to love, and he energizes me. He is also a fantastic singer, and when I listen to his softer and tender songs, I melt inside of me.   He reminded me that I can have my own fun, not just live to make life better for the kids. But, this unreasonable emotional investment started when I got to know him as a person. He is the most generous, kind, polite, humble, and funny person I have seen.  And that makes me want to do anything for him to win, just like you would do anything for your kids.  I am also hitching my hope of change for good and the brighter future on Adam.

14. Now that we’ve seen so many more performances, which Artists would you compare him with (if any)? Total is great than 100 because more than 1 Artist could be named:
- No comparison, in a league of his own – 38
- Freddie Mercury – 40
- Elvis – 25
- David Bowie – 19
- Robert Plant -13
- Michael Jackson – 9
- Steve Perry -7
- Axel Rose – 8
- No answer – 6

- He’s in a league of his own and I can’t really compare him to anyone. He represents the future mover and shaker of music like those before him - Elvis, the Beatles, Bowie, etc.
- Adam truly is a chameleon. That should be the name of his first album – Chameleon

15. Any other comments (including a special story about Adam or song he’s sung)?
69% of respondents added a comment included below:

- Haven’t been this excited about entertainer in a long time, if ever. Can’t wait to buy everything he puts out and attend his future concerts. The bonus is, he seems like a genuinely thoughtful, intelligent person and good guy (from what we’ve seen). He conducts himself so well in interviews and his confessionals.

- I have never followed a performer, not even Jim Morrison who was also smoking hot.  Adam is just such a beautiful person and has such amazing talent.  MAD LOVE CRUSH

- Adam has rocked my world — opened me up to music again and connected me with a fabulous group of fans. I. just. can’t. get. enough. I relate to the middle age group threads in that he has awakened a sense of passion in me and made me rethink where I am in my life right now and where I want to be. He’s opened up dialogues on these forums and elsewhere that are so inspiring. He is a role model in ways I’m sure he doesn’t even realize. Did I mention? I. can’t. get. enough.

- Ring of Fire: life changing event. Adam has been therapeutic for me.

- Two weeks after discovering his cover of Five For Fighting’s I Just Love You, I’m still crying when he reaches the high notes. Even yesterday, I was glad I had tissues in the car! I’ve never reacted emotionally like this before. It’s a testament to his skill and artistry.

- I believe that Adam has the talent and uniqueness to become one of the biggest stars that the music industry has seen in a very long time.  The emotional connection his fans have to him is beyond comparison, and if THAT isn’t “Star Power”…

- I just really want this win for him :) It seems he’s worked so hard for many years but just hadn’t gotten the break he needed.  He’s way too good of a singer and entertainer to not be seen by the world.

- Yes I cried after listening (and watching) Adam sing “Mad World” which is ….so surprising… and I can’t remember the last time I was so moved by performance of a song. This song is in my head all day long!!

- He just inspires me.  His voice can move me to tears.  He has it all going for him, including a MASSIVE dose of the “IT” factor.

- When will he perform in South East Asia? He is the best thing that has happened to the music scene. I never really cared about the current day music which I find just either too noisy or uninspiring. None of the artiste really connected with me the way Adam did. Adam has rekindled the fire in me!

-  Yes. There is something joyful about Adam as a person and a sense of fun about him and that has made me happier. When he is performing, I connect with the feeling of each one of his songs and when he sings I am drawn in to his emotional world.

I live in the Middle East.  My mom’s in Toronto.  We call each other now and again just to catch up but we don’t really talk about specifics, like what I had for dinner or what I’m watching on TV.  So I called her because I’m visiting her in August and I’m planning on going to the AI summer tour in Ontario but I don’t have anyone to come with me.  I asked her if she doesn’t mind accompanying me to the concert and that I’ll treat her, because I feel guilty dragging her along.  So, I almost had a heart attack when my 57 year-old mom started squealing like a girl, saying “I love Adam!!!” *lol* We ended up talking about Adam on the phone for almost an hour!  Now that’s the power of Adam’s charisma.

- I am in awe of what he did with ROF. Having seen his Upright and Zodiac vids, I knew he could torch sing and do classic-type rock. I had no idea that he could go to the Jeff Buckley-Ralph Bellamy place.

- He had me from “Hello”…Bohemian Rhapsody audition.  Hmmm  Googled and tubed him…WOWOWOW…his pre idol stuff is AMAZING…this guy can SING!!!  Satisfaction…this is when it hit me in the gut  WHOMP!!!  Not many can do that to me.  My life has been upside down ever since.  I LOVE ADAM UNCONDITIONALLY AND AM A FOREVER FAN…  His music, his life has inspired me in so many ways.  I will be forever grateful to Adam…he is MY LIGHT.

-  I have NEVER obsessed over an entertainer like this before. It mystifies me. I have never been blown away by a performance before the way I was over MW.

- I’m not sure what else I can say about Adam other than he is a star.  I’m not a fan girl kind of person, but he is fantastic.

-  Mostly, I just want to say how inspiring Adam is. He’s so comfortable with himself (thanks for being you, Adam!) & is working so hard to live his dream. On one of his confessionals, he mentioned how before he auditioned for Idol, he didn’t really feel satisfied with his life, like something was missing. He said that he turned 26 & just felt like, ‘this is it…this is my life?’ - He felt like he needed to take a risk/a leap, so he auditioned for Idol. At 27, that’s really made me stop & think about my life, too. So, thanks, Adam! I also want to say that his performances/singles really make me feel alive, like I hadn’t really been feeling before…

- I just think there’s something very special about him.

-  I will support him for a really long time. I’m way beyond my teens, but will even go to his concerts putting up with screaming teens. If he wins, I will be going to at least two of the Idol tours just because of him. If he doesn’t, just one.

- Adam is exactly what this entertainment industry needs.  We have had such a great depression in mainstream music, and it’s finally the time for someone like Adam to come in and start changing the tides.  Thank you Adam.

- His Mad World was so powerful in that it was telling “his story”.  And he staged it so perfectly.  It was very personal - you’ll notice that he never even looks at the camera as it pans around him.  This is his song.  It was very private and personal to him.  And I felt every bit of it.  So powerful.  That 1-1/2 min song brings me to tears every time I watch it.

- I would have to say that ROF piqued my interest but Mad World left me in a puddle on the floor- I haven’t been moved by anything like that in decades.

- When he auditioned and sang Bohemian Rhapsody I was hooked. I have watched all seasons of American Idol and this has been the best because of Adam. It is such a long time between Tuesdays waiting to see what he will sing next. My sister and I discuss what we would like to hear him sing, and every week we are surprised we did not think about the song he chose. What a thrill this has all been, I feel I am watching someone with a great destiny.

- To touch so many people with what you do…is a gift. Adam’s gift is quite simply AMAZING!!

- Reminds me of the excitement when I saw Elton John perform at the University of Detroit way back in the 70’s–YOU KNEW SOMETHING BIG HAD COME ALONG

- I am riveted every time he steps on stage and am always hungry for more.

- At first, I thought I must be crazy; a woman my age so gaga about a cute young singer named Adam Lambert. Then I thought, this is just the kind of thing that keeps a person young. My whole outlook on life has changed. When I get up in the morning, I’m excited about the day ahead!

- My parents came to town this weekend for a visit. While my mom and I were driving around shopping I made let her listen to all Adam all the time. (She’s been watching Idol, however, as the folks are prone to nodding off in the evenings while watching TV she’s not 100% clear on all the contestants. When I asked her who she liked though, she did tell me “the tall handsome one with the beautiful voice.” Snaps to Mom! When I played “Feeling Good” for her it literally took her breath away. We both cried a little (I guess I come by it naturally.) Anyway… as we drove around from place to place I kept playing “Feeling Good”… we couldn’t get enough of it. Towards the end of our shopping day — after we’d listened to it a bunch, she said “this reminds me of the time I made you listen to Hurricane Smith over and over as we danced around the kitchen…. do you remember that?” It was probably 35 years ago and I was just little… but I remember it like it was yesterday. We hadn’t talked about our Hurricane Smith dance party for years and years, but it was the loveliest moment with my mom. Priceless.

- My 11 year old nephew was also subjected to all Adam all the time while he was at my place over the weekend. “Born to Be Wild” and “Black or White” are now his favorite songs! In 30 years when my nephew says “remember when I was 11 and we listened to Adam Lambert while we played air guitar and air drums while the little guys (his brothers, 4 and 5 years old) danced around…” now that will be cool!

- I only noticed Adam at first because of a stroke of luck (on my part, and I’m so glad it happened!) My friend made it to the top 36, and she did her interview with Adam. Before that I hadn’t really watched any of the audition shows except for the parts that showed her (which was extremely minimal) so I didn’t have any idea who he was. Their interview was so adorable, and just from that I was excited to watch him sing. I have been away at college without TV for the past few years, and so I have never really watched idol with any sort of consistency before, but this year I was all geared up to do so, so that I could see my friend each week. She didn’t make it through to the top 12, and she was in the first group, so I didn’t really have any plans in watching it any further. If I hadn’t noticed that the cute kid she had done the interview with was going to perform the following week, I probably would have stopped watching right there. But, I tuned in to see if he was really as adorable as that interview let on, and he blew me away! Now I come to message boards and vote each week! It’s all Adam’s fault!

- Adam has also made me “feel better than good”.

- My daughter has a teacher who taught Adam in high school and he relates that Adam was a very nice, polite and bright young man - but that he did have some kids at school who picked on him.  So I think that is one reason his “Mad World” rang so poignantly true; because he has maybe experienced some of that angst.

- I went to a meeting today with four other people, none of whom I had ever talked “Adam” with.  Two hours later?  No meeting, all Adam!  LOL

- Good thing this is not video-phone, as I’m “tearing up” about now, but, the past few years have been really tough for my family, with death, illness, and depression that only a bad Hallmark movie could match, and this experience has brought my 16 year old daughter and I SO close together you would not believe it. She identifies with him being different, and having been picked on, as she has been as well. She has commented on how gracious, polite, kind to fellow contestants he is, all the while still having a “bad boy” fun side. MANY of the things we have shared and discovered about Adam have prompted late night heart to heart talks between us that have resulted in a strengthening of our relationship that I thought could never happen again. We sing, dance to his music, watch AI together, and, SOMEHOW, I am going to scrape together enough money for the two of us to get back down to Vancouver in July to see his American Idols concert together. I can’t think of a better mother and daughter get-away!

- Adam’s ability to mesmerize such a cross-section of fans is remarkable.  I am genuinely wondering what are the qualities that create that.

- Adam has moved me and touched my heart in a way that nobody else has, and I will continue to love him and support him for the rest of his career.

- I’ve never been a fan before, Adam has changed my life.

- Adam has stolen this widowed grandma’s heart and kept it beating faster than any celebrity has since the Elvis Presley of my preteen and teen years.  What joy he has brought back to my life! Thank you Adam! My 20-something niece is as crazy about him as I am. His fans truly span the generations.

- Adam has put the spring back in my step!  Searching for a job these past months in these tough economic times had all but taken it away.

- He is having effect on people’s life - it applies to my family as well…he emanates some kind of “light”/aura/vibes - they are healing.

- I was baby sitting my 7-month old grand daughter and she keeps crying looking for her Mom.  I played Adam’s songs in my computer and Boom!!! She stopped crying and watched the monitor, listening to Adam. Her legs were kicking when satisfaction was played (her favorite) and continued to have that same reaction every time I played it….she looks at my computer and starts kicking her legs, again. Coincidence?  Maybe but I would like to think Adam seduced her, too!

- Adam has awakened my love for music.  He has crossed all boundaries and I just can’t get enough.  He is a great role model for kids today.

- The way Adam sang “nervous” in Mad World on the live performance gives me chills every time I play it and I have played it many, many times. I had never heard this song before. I think I had my head in the sand or something. But, when he sang the word, “nervous” it brought back all the ways that I didn’t really fit in at school or in life. It touched something deep in my soul. I have listened to this song hundreds of times since he first sang it and I will keep listening to it. Ring of Fire made me research the song, because the way he sang it was so sensual and sexual that I had to read the words to the song, and let me tell you I didn’t realize until he sang that song how progressive a song it was for its time.

- I do hope there is an official forum or website that is well done.  I’d feel like I was losing my best friend if it all goes “quiet” after AI.

- My 19 month old daughter loves Adam!  She screams and claps when she sees him.  Thanks to Adam I don’t have to listen to Barney in the car anymore!

FINALLY - THANK YOU so much, Michael, for all you have done to provide us with insight and information on an extremely interesting industry. It is MUCH appreciated, and I hope it will continue long after AI is over! I’m always interested in the behind the scenes aspect of things, and your information is perfect!

(Thanks to all of you!)

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