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Here’s to a great show tonight! Just wanted to share with you some quotes from Paula Abdul (ultimate Industry Perspective); she was on Star 105.7 and had this to say about Adam:

“In the city auditions (San Francisco) and Hollywood, everyone was complaining that Adam was too theatrical and not right for the kind of competition.” But she pointed out, she always said, “…he’s the best they’ve got. Then in Hollywood, at least Randy always said he had the vocal chops, but still… too theatrical, too theatrical, and too theatrical. But I said, you know what? It’s time to bring someone new into the industry that has the Glam Rock feel but who can actually sing in any genre of music in any language and transcend everything — all barriers — everything. This kid is just truly amazing. Now whether he wins or not — he still wins.”

“Now here’s the interesting thing — I believe Danny Gokey definitely has the vocal chops and such a recognizable voice; and Matt has his own thing with the riffing and the scatting and the falsetto that no one else does; and Chris has this unbelievable ability to change his speed/normal cliche style of a song and make it his own; and Allison has this amazing powerful voice. The only thing about Allison is that it’s always that way. With this Top Five I’d be pleased with anyone (winning) — I really would. I just think it’s going to end up being Adam and Danny because of the vocal ability that Danny has, or Adam and any of the other four.”

Regarding where votes go (I’m just the messenger :), “It’s primarily young girls that vote and their votes go to guys. And there’s only one girl standing but young girls connect to her (Allison). So it could be where it’s Adam and Allison — you never know. That’s what will be fun to watch in the next four weeks.”

“The thing I love most about these kids is they all have their heads screwed on straight — they realize it’s up to them — the blueprint of their lives have changed forever. They’ll never go home the same. I told them that any given point in time, they all have at least 10 million fans.” Paula promised that if they did well in the group number, she would choreographed their “first anything” and she plans to do it.”

She said tonight they should “Step up their Rat Pack,” funny line.

Regarding voting patterns, I remember really liking Melinda Doolittle and when she was voted off I didn’t really keep up. I don’t know how typical that is but suspect it happens a lot when someone’s favorite leaves toward the end. I agree it’s best to focus on generating votes rather than speculating. On the other hand, I haven’t heard of anyone breaking out like Adam has before and that’s a wildcard… he’s sort of transcended the usual order of things so he may have a large enough independent fan base to cover him.

I hope you all found Dina’s information interesting… the “new” 360 degree Artist Agreements (meaning multiple rights like publishing, merchandising, licensing, touring, fan clubs, etc) compare closely with the manufactured groups as yesteryear such as The Monkees and The Partridge Family, and are now used with artists like The P’cat Dolls and Hannah Montana as well as talent shows like AI and Nashville Star. Most recently, 360’s were used with Madonna (10 year deal with Live Nation valued at $150 million according to Billboard), U2, Jay-Z and Shakira. It makes it more complex for the Artists’ Representatives because the deals are so inclusive and lengthy; for superstars it works very well but for new Artists it’s going to make it more difficult to get signed which is why American Idol is so incredibly valuable for all the finalists including Adam.

Have a great day, and bring your Rat Pack tonight!

Best, Michael

This follow-up message was posted on April 28, 2009 at 5:43pm:

Great messages everybody, Adam’s a Winner as all the Finalists are; but with everybody’s help he’ll be the next American Idol with all the accompanying press, promotion and marketing. The NY Lottery used to say, “You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It” … Adam’s in it and Will win it with everyone’s help and support tonight and going forward!

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The comment about demographic interest is exactly right, so often amazing Artists aren’t able to fulfill their potential because of marketing and branding errors. At this point, all the Finalists have established identities and the management team and record labels will be (are) refining the demos (and therefore material and style) for maximum impact.

In my blog post 34, I mentioned, “Several people have asked questions about Simon Cowell (whom I have enormous respect and admiration for), recording contracts, and the interrelationships between the parties involved in American Idol. It’s complicated and some of it I can’t discuss, but I’ll try to make it as easy as possible and want to stress that the salient parts are basically accessible through the US Securities and Exchange Commission (though I’m distilling it for clarity).”

“19 TV is the owner and creator of the Idol Format and entitled to acquire the exclusive recording services of the Artists. In exchange for Simon Cowell performing his services as a judge on American Idol 8, 19 agreed to grant to Syco (that’s one of Simon Cowell’s companies) the option to acquire or allow Nominated Labels to acquire rights in and to certain Artists (including the Winning Artist and any or all of the Finalists of American Idol 8). For Season 8, the Nominated Label is Sony BMG for the Winner; for other Finalists there’s a process where record labels provide expressions of interest (this is happening right now, it’s usually in play by the time the Final 5 are chosen).”

“What this means is that because Simon performed his duties as a judge on the show, Syco has the rights to the Finalists’ recording contracts, which Simon then (as an executive of Sony BMG) assigns to Sony BMG (or potentially other labels based on the expressions of interest) for distribution deals. That’s why Simon is so important to this whole process; it’s basically his decision who’s getting signed. Keep in mind this is just on the recording side; 19 Management has an entirely different set of rights with respect to the overall careers of the contestants as we’ve previously discussed.”

Have a great show Adam and here’s to millions of votes tonight!

Best, Michael

PS: Just to be sure it’s clear, the information in my message about iTunes/labels/artists royalties was with thanks to and direct permission from Dina LaPolt, an entertainment attorney at LaPolt Law, P.C. in Los Angeles. The breakdown on iTunes revenue and royalty data was from her article “Taking a Glance at Other Income Streams in the Music Industry” and reprinted with permission. Thanks again Dina!

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